DRAMATICALLY Cuts your TUNA BAITFISHING TIME, this jigs a blast! The big Owner hooks just won't let go.and allows you to throw back the large fish without worries! When the 1st one hits, keep the pressure on but just give him a bit leeway, that's when the 2nd hits, and occasionally a 3rd! Use a stout 'main-line' 2 at once is more the norm, and they all don't always agree on which way to go and there's allot of weight. Constructed of only the finest components available, this is a rugged and reliable bait lure, I built too many, thet really last! Though designed especially for Bluefish, it's caught Stripers, Wahoo. On 09/02/12, I caught (29) Blues in (23) MINUTES! (2) Four Fish (a 1st for me!), (3) Triples, and (6) Doubles. I stopped because my 40 pound Main line could'nt handle it, use heavyer like at least 60 pound or better for the main line, Components'; 175 pound (80kg) 49 STRAND AMERICAN FISHING WIRE 7x7 STAINLESS LEADER CABLE ..........................130 pound SPRO POWER SWIVEL, JINKAI PREMIUM QUALITY CRIMPSTeasers